Shaykh Muhammad Tim Humble is a British Islamic Speaker, Hadith Scholar, Teacher, Lecturer and Raqi (Exorcist Specialist/Healer with Quran and Sunnah/ Ruqyah Shar‘iyyah) Muhammad Tim Humble, based in Newcastle, U.K. He graduated from the famous Faculty of Hadith and Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madina in 2011. He currently teaches at Kalemah center in Dubai, UAE.

A revert to Islam at the age of 14. Tim has experienced thousands of ruqya (exorcism) cases across the world—ranging from magic (sihr) to ayn (evil eye) to hassad (jealousy) to mass (possession). Shaykh Muhammad is also the founder of The Humble Charity Foundation ( based in the United Kingdom that are engaged in a number of community projects. He has appeared on many Islamic channels including Peace TV, Huda TV, GLM TV, interviews on Freshly Grounded and Kalemah’s own channels.

My Journey to Islam